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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Week 7: Reassess your goals

If you set some clear goals at the start of the 12 Week "Get ready to bare flesh very soon" challenge, it is a great time to really start to fine tune your goals.

If you have lost weight already, well done BUT, what do you need to change further with respect to your daily diet and exercise choices to take you to the next level.

Do you need to be stricter in the week?
Do you need to alter your training regime?
Do you need to eat more salad and vegetables?
Do you need to be strict about allocating time to planning your food for the week?
Are you eating enough, and perhaps need to eat a little more to increase your metabolic rate?
Do you need to ditch the alcohol for a few weeks completely?

Outcome is significantly more likely when clear goals are set and regularly reviewed - the time is now. C'mon! You only have just over a month to go!