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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Your daily health plan - Example

1) Pack lunch the night before work
1) Get off train a stop earlier
2) Make green tea once at work
3) Set computer timer to remind you to have morning tea
4) Get out of office at lunchtime
5) Pick up work lunch stuff on Monday lunchtime
6) At 3pm, pre emp sugar craving and have a Jarrah hot chocolate and Nut Bar
7) Grab a carrot immediately on arrival at home to avoid going to the fridge
8) Arrange to meet friend at gym so not tempted to skip
9) Pack next days lunch while cleaning up after dinner
10) Cook extra dinner so enough is leftover for Tuesday lunch

Week 7: Reassess your goals

If you set some clear goals at the start of the 12 Week "Get ready to bare flesh very soon" challenge, it is a great time to really start to fine tune your goals.

If you have lost weight already, well done BUT, what do you need to change further with respect to your daily diet and exercise choices to take you to the next level.

Do you need to be stricter in the week?
Do you need to alter your training regime?
Do you need to eat more salad and vegetables?
Do you need to be strict about allocating time to planning your food for the week?
Are you eating enough, and perhaps need to eat a little more to increase your metabolic rate?
Do you need to ditch the alcohol for a few weeks completely?

Outcome is significantly more likely when clear goals are set and regularly reviewed - the time is now. C'mon! You only have just over a month to go!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Week 6: Just go smaller

In a world of upsizing and large portions it can be challenging to fathom the idea of ordering something smaller-why would you? But for the sake of weight control, little things really do add up and 100 calories saved here nor there can really equate to kilos of body fat lost over the course of a year. So here are the most common areas you can cut back on calories, each and every day.

1) Smaller bread slices - Helga's, Lawson's and Noble Rise are larger slices. Go for Burgen or thin Tip Tip slices to reduce your calories by up to 100.
2) 100g tubs of yoghurt
3) Smaller coffee cups -Please note that Starbucks do have a small, tall is not small!
4) Individual squares of ice cream
5) Tiny classes for fruit juice
6) Small bowls of cereal
7) Cheese slices not cut yourself chunks
8) Lindt thin chocolate squares
9) Olive oil measured at dinner
10)Thin creackers such as Vita Weat, not Salada

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Week 5: Time to eat more vegetables.

If you think about it, if we all ate a few more serves of vegetables each day, we would be much fuller, and much less likely to snack on garbage. The biggest mistake people tend to make when it comes to vegetables and salad, is that they do not eat enough of these foods at lunchtime, which leaves you feeling peckish at 3 and 4pm. Simply by making sure that your lunch includes a couple of cups of salad and your dinner plate is half filled with vegetables, you will be well on target with a controlled calorie diet and weight loss. Here are my other top tips for bumping up your intake of veges each and every day.

1) Keep cut up celery, carrot and red capsicum cut up in the fridge so you can snack on them while preparing dinner.
2) Always order an extra side of vegetables for dinner.
3) Add a V8 vegetable juice to your morning routine.
4) Make a habit of adding a bowl of greens drizzled with olive oil to your dinner table.
5) Each weekend make a vegetable soup or massive salad to add to meals through the week.
6) Ask for extra salad on sandwiches purchased away from the home.
7) Keep celery and carrots in your work bag to nibble on the train or in the car on the way home.
8) Pre order your fruit and veges each week so you never run out.
9) Remember, you can add frozen peas, beans and carrots to almost any meal.
10) Once each week, have soup or salad for a light dinner.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week 4: Time to prioritize

So, you know you want to lose weight, and you know that to do this you need to eat less and move more. Well, it is now time to prioritize this goal in your life and schedule in your training sessions and do a little food planning.

Each Monday morning, I want you to get your cup of tea and mark out a grid style chart of when you will train, and what you will be eating. This planning process will then become a routine part of your week and ensure you will plan each day according to what you need to organise food wise, and alter to make sure you make it to training.

Prioritizing is the difference between those who maintain their diet and exercise regimes and those who do not.