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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is Crust pizza healthy?

While 6 of the CRUST range of pizzas have been given the Heart Foundation Tick, with 3000kJ and 80+ grams of total carbohydrate (7 slices of bread) per serve, no I would not say that CRUST is a healthy option. While they may be healthier than the standard range, or any pizza that you purchase at a take away joint, it does not mean they are a good choice overall. The issue with pizza is that it contains small mounts of protein and vegetables relative to the total carbohydrate content. Enjoy pizza occasionally from an authentic Italian place, or better still make your own delicious version on thin Mountain bread bases at home, but don’t think you are a saint simply because the one you choose a variety that has the TICK.

Get the kids lunchboxes right

Lunchbox 1:
Mountain bread wrap with ham and lettuce, Aktavite milk popper, Uncle Toby's Low GI Crunchy muesli bar and 2 mandarins

Lunchbox 2:
Multigrain sandwich with egg and mayo, Munchables Light Cheese and Cracker Snack Pack, apple and a sesame snap

Lunchbox 3:
4 Vita Weats, small tin tuna, small banana, Big M flavoured milk popper, Baby Bel cheese

Lunchbox 4:
Small wholemeal bread roll with chicken and lettuce, small tub of yoghurt, Milo snack bar and Goulburn Valley Tub of fruit

Lunchbox 5:
Up & Go popper, Tasti Nut Bar, Vege chips, cut up carrot and celery

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pomegranate Juice – Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

The health promoting benefits of drinking pomegranate juice have received much attention in recent months after it was claimed that the juice had significantly higher levels of antioxidants than other juice and fruit options. While pomegranate juice is packed with antioxidants, to date the only research to support its use in slowing cancer cell growth has been found in suffers of prostate cancer. There is also some evidence to show that regular consumption of the juice helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels. So, if you have the extra cash to spend $5.00 on 500mls of juice and you have high cholesterol +/- history of prostate cancer give it a go. If not, simply eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and juicing your own mix of carrot, beetroot and orange juice is likely to be just as nutritious.