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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 11: 12 Week Challenge: Time to fine tune

As the 12 Week Challenge draws to an end, it is time to think about what dietary changes you can maintain and which you need to tweak slightly to keep up the momentum. Remember, eating well during the week tends to lend itself to more relaxed weekends, and daily movement is a must for long term weight control. Consider which area s of your diet are making your feel restricted or when you feel most hungry - these are the areas we need to work on to develop a sustainable eating plan.

12 Week Challenge: Week 10: Bump up the breakfast

After 10 weeks of dietary changes, and hopefully a couple of kgs of weight loss, you are probably starting to feel hungry. Weight loss studies have shown that individuals lose more weight on a weight loss diet when they have a larger breakfast so this week, why don;t you try and increase the size of your breakfast.

If you are having 1 piece of toast for breakfast, try adding another OR increase your serve of cereal up 1/3 cup or add an extra piece of fruit in. Remember, a well balanced breakfast should keep up full for 3 hours so if you are getting hungry at 930, increase the size of your breakfast so it keeps you full until 10-1030am

Monday, September 8, 2008

12 Week Challenge: Take some time off

With just 4 weeks to go until the end of the 12 Week Challenge, it is time to give your body a break. Research suggests that prolonged periods of dietary restriction can actually make fat loss more difficult as the body fights to keep weight on by secreting appetite driving hormones. So, this week tyr giivng your self a little diet holidsay. A day or two off o a copuple of emals where you indulge and eat what you really feel like. A break will let your continue diet momentum for longer and aslo satisfy any cravings you may be having.

12 Week Challenge: Check your snacks

While snacks have become a regular part of our daily food intake, is could be questioned if, whether given our largely sedentary lifestyles we actually need to snack at all. Snacks can come in handy if they help to manage hunger and prevent over eating at meal times but with a snack needing to be just 400-600kJ, the average coffee teamed with banana bread or muffin can equate to up to 3x that amount of energy. So, this week, try changing your snack routine. Either limit your snacks completely OR swap to low kJ choices. Not only will you eat better at meal times but you can cut your daily energy intake by up to 2000kJ.

Susie's Top 10 Snack Choices
Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy yoghurt
Punnet of berries
4 Vita Weat 9 grains with 2 slices Light Jarlsberg cheese
2 corn thins + peanut butter
Paddle Pop Ice Cream
Go Natural Nut Delight Bar
Carman's Breakfast Bar
Red Capsicum
10 Wafethins + low fat hummus
Skim Latte OR Jarrah hot chocolate