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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Week 6: Just go smaller

In a world of upsizing and large portions it can be challenging to fathom the idea of ordering something smaller-why would you? But for the sake of weight control, little things really do add up and 100 calories saved here nor there can really equate to kilos of body fat lost over the course of a year. So here are the most common areas you can cut back on calories, each and every day.

1) Smaller bread slices - Helga's, Lawson's and Noble Rise are larger slices. Go for Burgen or thin Tip Tip slices to reduce your calories by up to 100.
2) 100g tubs of yoghurt
3) Smaller coffee cups -Please note that Starbucks do have a small, tall is not small!
4) Individual squares of ice cream
5) Tiny classes for fruit juice
6) Small bowls of cereal
7) Cheese slices not cut yourself chunks
8) Lindt thin chocolate squares
9) Olive oil measured at dinner
10)Thin creackers such as Vita Weat, not Salada