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Monday, June 6, 2011

The importance of optimal glucose control

If there was just one nutrition tip I could give you that would benefit your health for the rest of your life it would be to aim for optimal blood glucose control, each and every time you eat. Contrary to popular opinion, one off food indulgences do not make you fat, or significantly increase your risk of heart disease or diabetes but constant higher than ideal blood glucose levels from regular consumption of highly processed, carbohydrate rich foods does; the extra piece of fruit you eat in between your meals, a tea with sugar after dinner, a couple of lollies during a meeting or an order of fruit juice when you meet someone for a drink.

Each of these occasions represents a disruption to blood glucose levels and a subsequent release of insulin. High insulin levels over time is what will make you hungry, gaining weight and at higher risk of developing diabetes. So, what can you so to prevent this scenario as much as you can on a day to day basis?

1) Do not snack in between meals or mid meals.
2) Cut out the sugar in your tea and coffee.
3) Resolve to not eat lollies, at all.
4) Eat fruit as part of a meal or mid meal with protein but not in isolation as an extra.
5) Avoid juice, soft drink and cordial like the plague.