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Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to choose the best snacks

When I recommend nuts bars, the most common feedback I get is that they are high in fat – so what should you be looking for when choosing a snack food?

Calories – 150-200cal = 600-800kJ
Carbs – 20g per serve
Protein – 5-10g per serve
Saturated fat - <3g per serve

Top Snacks Total Calories
Light cheese and wholegrain crackers 150
Small skim latte 150
Sushi 100
Small hommus and vegetables 150
Thick yoghurt 150
Peanut butter on 2 corn cakes 150
Low fat ice cream on a stick such as Paddle Pop 120
Nut based snack bars 200
Homemade protein balls or mini muffins 150
Mountain bread wrap with tuna, 97% fat free ham 150