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Sunday, May 29, 2011

One coffee a day and lose weight.......

Do you wake up in the morning; grab a coffee, then follow it with a cappuccino on the way to work, another instant coffee mid morning and even a third or fourth if you are tired during the afternoon. If any of these daily patterns sounds familiar you are drinking too much coffee. Sure, there is some reported health benefits associated with drinking coffee but we also need to remember that coffee is a stimulant which means it can drive appetite and influence blood glucose levels. Funnily enough, ditching coffee or two each day also tends to result in weight loss, as we identify that we do need the extra calories at that time especially if choose more nutritionally balanced better meals and snacks and find that we are not as prone to sugar highs and lows and associated drops in energy. Aim for just one coffee a day, with your breakfast or mid morning and notice the difference in energy and appetite control and remember to replace with tea an extra water to avoid caffeine withdrawal.