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Monday, May 9, 2011

Lose weight like a man

Many women would like to think that it is more likely they are teaching the men in their life a thing or two on a daily basis, but when it comes to weight loss, for many of us it would not hurt to pay a little more attention the way men eat, as well as the way they approach weight loss.

For men, weight loss is simple. They need to eat certain things at certain times. They need to cut certain things out and make dietary changes that they follow for a set period of time. There is no, “oh, but I have been good” mental debates, or justifications of, “just one and I will make up for it tomorrow”. They approach weight loss much the same way as they approach their life in general- with one eyed focus on what they are doing, no exceptions. And, then, they lose weight.

Here are the top tips we can take from men when working on our own weight loss.

1) Don’t think, just do.
No rationalizations, no excuses. Get a plan and stick to it.

2) Ignore the influence of others.
Don’t worry what your friend is doing just concentrate on what you need to do.

3) Get a plan that suits you and stick to it.
Whether it is CSIRO, Biggest Loser, your PT, whatever suits you and follow it.

4) No excuses.
See only ways to achieve what you want, not excuses as to why you have not done it.

5) Keep focused on the end target.
By focusing on your long term goal weight it will be easier on a daily basis to make the decisions you need to stay on track.