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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feeling down?

In the past week I have spent far more time chatting to clients about their mood and wellbeing than I ever have before. Why is this? Why are we so blessed in so many ways yet struggle to find that elusive sense of control, calm and happiness?

There are a few reasons that spring to mind. As an overriding factor, we basically live a very comfortable life. We generally have enough food and a home without the crime, filth and disease of other more basic cultures. What this relatively easy lifestyle then creates is a general feeling of dissatisfaction. Of wanting more – more money, more time, better relationships, more fulfilling jobs – just more. Unfortunately though, in many cases, rather than wanting something or someone to come along and complete us, ultimately it is us who need to do the inner work and make our lives more fulfilling.

In many cases this means that we need to find small but significant pleasures in the blessings we do have present, on a daily basis. It sounds so cliché but the truth is that a good book, a beautiful home, dinner with someone special or a day trip out if often the difference between living each day and existing.

So, at this time of year, if you are struggling to find much pleasure in the day to day grind it is time to take control and look at the next few weeks as time to reflect and rebuild. To seek out some great books, to start to move your body, to schedule in regular outings with energizing people, to find more simple pleasures. And if you need an even bigger dose of inspiration, the Sarah Ban Breathnach series of “Simple Abundance” and “Something More” are 2 great reads that will work to redirect your energy, alter your underlying thought patterns and help you to feel better instantly.