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Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting your oats and soup right for Winter

The cool change means that we start to shift our focus from salads and cereal to soups and oats which are both great choices nutritionally. The key things to remember when it comes to these foods are:

1.Instant oats are nowhere near as good as course natural oats.
2.You need to make your oats with milk to get enough protein with your breakfast.
3.Add cinnamon to your oats to sweeten it without sugar.
4.You can add a teaspoon of protein powder to increase the protein content of the oats.
5.Tinned soups have far too much salt.
6.The best soups are vegetable, pumpkin, chicken broth or tomato.
7.Adding 100g lean protein to your soup will make it dinner.
8.If you must buy prepared soups get Country Ladle Winter Vegetable or Pitago Pumpkin.
9.You do not need bread with your soup.
10.You will eat at least 100 calories less with your meal if you eat soup before it.