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Monday, July 11, 2011

What do dietitians eat?

I am often asked what I eat and as much as I would love to be a diet purist I do really like to eat, especially savoury sancks like cheese and pate. On a daily basis though, I do try and make sure I eat as many vegetables as I can, and also support good Australian companies where I can by buying products that contain as few additives as possible, and which give superior nutritional properites than products that tend to come from larger multinationals.

So, here are the products you will always find in my cupboard

1) Lipton jasmine green tea bags

Green tea can be a little harsh but these Jasmine tea bags are my favourite – I drink a cup of green tea after each meal and while I am up at night writing.

2) Rye Cruskits

One of the lightest crackers available in terms of both carbohydrate and calories and a lighter alternative to bread when I am seeing clients all day.

3) Burgen Soy & Linseed bread –

The best bread on the market and eaten daily with an egg for breakfast

4) Go Natural Nut Delight Bars

The best nuts bars on the market with a perfect mix of carbs, protein and good fat.

5) Body for Women Protein Powder

I helped formulate this product and am very proud of it – a great way to bump up your protein intake throughout the day

6) Light Jarlsberg Cheese

The tastiest cheese, with the lowest fat content, eaten with Vegemite on toast regularly.

7) Partner Foods Roasted Broadbeans

I love these tasty snacks and try and et them instead of Grain Waves when drinking wine.

8) Maggie Beer Pate

I have loved pate since I was a little girl and this is as close to my mums as I can find and rich in iron (let’s not talk about the fat).

9) John West Smoked Oysters

Another love since childhood, rich in zinc and we snack on them before we go dancing.

10) South Cape Marinated Feta

Another love with sliced cucumber on Rye Cruskits

11) Multigrain Weetbix

High in soluble fibre which keeps you feeling amazing inside, I always take a box when I go travelling.

12) Jalna Natural Yoghurt

The best yoghurt on the market and best teamed with berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

13) Wafterthin Crackers

The best thin cracker for cheese with the lowest calorie and carb levels.