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Monday, July 4, 2011

Should you be counting carbs?

If you constantly struggle with getting the right balance in your diet and cannot give any more energy to counting calories, sometimes the simple act of checking how many carbs you are eating per meal and snack is enough to keep you on the right track. Ideally we are aiming for 20-30g of total carbs per meal (including the sugars) and just 15-20g per snack. To monitor your carbs regularly, grab a carbohydrate counter from the newsagent and pop it in your bag for a quick check whenever you need. Here are some popular carb based foods and the most common areas people can overdo the carbs in their diet.

Food Serving Size Carb Content (grams)
White rice 1 cup 45
Turkish bread 2 toast slices 80
Yoghurt 200g 30
Lebanese Bread 1 slice 80
Banana bread 1 thick slice 60
Grapes Large bunch 60
Tin corn soup 500g 35
Chocolate brownie Small 30
Vita Weat Crackers 8 40
Caramel Coffee Large 30