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Monday, July 18, 2011

How to have your cake and eat it too!

At times, most of us will indulge and eat something that has far more calories than we need. A sweet treat with a cup of coffee and a chat with a favourite friend can be one of life’s simple pleasures but also one of life’s calorie overloads if we are not careful. Here are the best and worst sweet treats to enjoy with your coffee, so you can keep the calories as controlled as you need to.
Sweet Treat Fat per serve Carbs per serve Calories per serve
Banana bread 25g 70g 580
Choc Brownie 22g 25g 300
Muffin 34g 90g 700
Cheesecake 25g 30g 400
Friand 10g 17g 160
Subway Cookie 10g 30g 210
Small Cupcake 6g 20g 150
Large Cupcake 20g 40g 350
Biscotti 1g 5g 30
2 Paradise VIVES 2g 17g 90