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Monday, January 10, 2011

What goes around comes around.......

Inevitably in life there are scenarios or events that unfold and leave us completely void of any understanding as to why or how an event or situation has eventuated. A friend at work back stabs you and causes an inordinate amount of grief; your husband of 30 years leaves you after cleaning out the bank account; you discover that your ex’s new partner is a client of yours, a friend of many years betrays your trust for nothing other than control and power, a project you have worked on for many years comes to fruition only to be surpassed by someone at a pertinent time point (And kind regards to the Winklevoss twins who are in court yet again disputing the Facebook settlement).

And why is it that in these emotionally distressing situations, at least initially, there does not seem to be any ramification for the persons believed to be involved in the deception, betrayal or infliction of pain or hurt?

While challenging life events will occur to varying extents whether we like it or not, some of us will find comfort in the notion of karma – what goes around comes around and if you are lucky, you get to see the result. In fact, some of us will spend the next 5 or 10 years, or even the rest of our lives readily awaiting news of karma, which my older readers will agree, generally does comes back to bite those less thoughtful, kind or considerate, even if it is many years later.

To me though, the very act of waiting for karma is actually detrimental to our natural healing process. Awaiting grief, pain or sadness for someone else is again creating a negative energy force, the exact energy force which resulted in the pain, hurt or betrayal in the first place.

As with all our thoughts, we have a choice when it comes to pain. We can fight it, become bitter, continue to direct anger towards those who have wronged us or we can look towards freeing ourselves for good. Sure, there is nothing wrong with being angry or sad or hurt but there comes a time when these feelings are doing nothing other than fuelling more pain, hurt and anger – giving more energy to the very feeling we are trying to escape. Instead, we can choose to focus solely on the energy that is good for our minds, our hearts and ultimately our soul.

Ultimately only each of us as individuals know when we go to sleep each night if we have put good or bad energy into the universe – if we have purposely or thoughtlessly directed negative energy; caused pain to another or done the “wrong thing” and ultimately we are the ones that have to sit with this, perhaps forever.

Yes, ultimately karma will prevail but if you so choose you will also find yourself free to enjoy a nicer, more pure existance while you observe it unfold naturally, even from a very long distance.