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Sunday, December 19, 2010

What has 2010 taught you?

Whether you consider that you have had a good year or not, perhaps the most important aspect of life itself is taking the teachings of another year and using them to grow, develop and continue to move forward. Here are the things that 2010 has taught me; I would love to hear yours as well;
· First impressions generally prove true
· Kindness and generosity are far more important attributes than looks or qualifications
· Bad behaviour generally predicts more bad behaviour
· $60 is way to much to pay for a meal of plain fish or chicken
· I do not understand the mentality of the Y generation
· Thoughtfulness and true generosity are actually quite rare
· Important events really show you who is sitting in your corner
· Relationships are far more important than titles
· People who don’t get Summer Heights High generally do not appreciate my sense of
· There is nothing more fun than Roar and Snore at the Zoo
· No one needs a large coffee
· Everyone needs a good gay husband
· Being able to say “I am sorry” and really mean it can ultimately define a person