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Monday, January 31, 2011

Slashing calories - how to do it

Many of us know all too well that we live in an environment in which it is much easier to overeat than it is to cut back. Food is readily available and served in larger than necessary serving sizes and it is served all the time. In fact it is easy to have something in your mouth as often as 20+ times each day when we technically only need to eat 2-3 times each day!

The key to sustainable dietary change and as a result weight control long term is to develop food habits that support you in controlling your calorie intake. So here are some easy ways to slash some calories out of your day; pick and choose which options will suit you best and you will be well on your way to gaining control over your calorie intake and as a result you weight, for good.

To save 100 calorie swaps (420kJ) -
Swap from a regular to small sized coffee
Use spray cooking oil instead of pouring it from a bottle when cooking
Use Vegemite instead of jam on your toast
Eat 10 nuts instead of a handful
Choose flat bread instead of 2 slices of regular bread
Swap sweet potato for pumpkin at dinner
Take out a piece of cheese from your lunchtime sandwich
Choose wafterthin crackers instead of rice crackers
Swap 10 lollies for sugar free mints
Eat ½ cup rice instead of a whole cup

200 calorie swaps (840kJ)
Drink water at the gym instead of sports drink
Enjoy strawberries after dinner instead of 2 chocolate biscuits
Eat 1 slice of Turkish bread instead of 2 at breakfast
Swap your soft drink for a diet variety
Choose a child sized burger instead of a regular burger
1 cup muesli for 2 breakfast biscuits
Large piece of Atlantic salmon for a small piece
Regular chocolate bar for a snack sized one
Choose skim milk instead of light each day
Eat a Paddle Pop instead of a Magnum

300 calorie swaps (1200kJ)
Swap a large caramel latte for a cup of green tea
Eat a piece of fruit for morning tea instead of banana bread
Eat ½ an avocado instead of the whole thing
Skip the fries when ordering a burger
Enjoy a stir fry without the 2 minute noodles
Eat 1 less biscuit each day
Swap your Latte to a cappuccino each day
Choose a skim flat white instead of a full cream
Swap bread at lunch 2 days a week for 2 Rye Crackers
Eat 2 cups of cooked pasta instead of 4

500 calorie swaps (2000kJ)
Drink wine three nights a week instead of seven
Choose stir fry Thai instead of Pad Thai
Choose sushi instead of pizza
Eat ¾ cup breakfast cereal each day instead of a cup
Drink herbal tea with your breakfast instead of fruit juice
Stop taking sugar in 3 cups of tea/coffee a day
Eat 100g packet of potato chips rather than 200g
Indulge with 100g block of chocolate instead of large family block
Drink 4 less stubbies of beer a week
Skip your afternoon coffee in favour of a herbal tea or Jarrah hot chocolate mix

Snacking after dinner
Many people enjoy a light snack after their dinner but the key is to avoid a kilo joule overload to prevent weight gain. The best light options will contain <400kJ such as an individual ice cream on a stick, 2-3 squares of chocolate, a single biscuit or 2 crackers and cheese.