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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Please don't pretend that you are doing us any favours

Food industry and large companies have much control over what we eat. They control what we can buy, what price products are sold at, where they put products on the shelves and in an increasing number of instances, they are encouraging us to eat more and more. Consider for a moment the last time that you went to the petrol station - did someone offer you a discount if you spent some extra cash in there? Or did they offer you 2 for 1 chocolate bars? Did the fast food chain offer an upgrade? Or did you get a better deal at the supermarket if you purchased more? Other examples of this push for consumers to consume more and more include larger companies advertising the unhealthiest burger and breakfast cereal options the most; or heavily discounting the cheaper, poorer quality food items rather than the healthiest before claiming to be holier than thou simply because they offer them on the menu.

All of these are examples of ways in which major companies who claim to be helping Australians eat better with health initiatives are actually making a complete joke of us and laughing all the way to the shareholders meeting. Instead of claiming to market responsibly perhaps it is time to actually do it? So next time the service attendant at the Coles servo offers you 2 for 1 chocolate bars, the McDonalds or Events cinema attendant offers an upgrade perhaps we need to start telling them to stick it.