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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to not get fat this Christmas

The time has arrived when we need to be really mindful of our food choices to avoid an extra 5+ kilograms to kick off 2010. Here are the must follows tips for success;
1) Do not skip your training sessions, no matter what. Being “too busy” is a poor excuse
2) Eat a snack an hour before you go to a party
3) Drink vodka, lime and soda
4) Avoid all pastry until Christmas Day
5) If you do overindulge, choose salad or soup for your next meal
6) Snack on Summer fruit
7) Don’t keep extra lollies or chocolates at home
8) Give away as much leftover food as you can
9) Don’t waste your calories on poor quality chocolates, nibbles and pastry
10) Avoid all dips and chips