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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Finding your authentic self - the first step towards complete health and well being

Your Life: Rediscovering your authentic self
Angelina has it, as does Brad but Jennifer Aniston never did. Anna Wintour oozes it, as does Michelle Obama. Hugh Jackman embodies it as does Seal and Heidi Klum – authenticity.
Authenticity is one of my most favourite words – the ability to truly reflect ones self; to break free from the roles created for us and stay concrete and honest no matter what the situation or relationship we find ourselves in. Few individuals master their own authentic soul - the very nature of modern life and our relationships seeing us mould and manipulate our authentic selves into the person we hope to be, or doing what others want us to rather than embracing what is true and real for us as an individual.

Our emotions as well as the body are both exceptionally good at telling us when we are on track with our authentic selves. Frustration, irritability, uneasiness and seemingly relentless sadness no matter what your job or paycheck are all powerful emotional indictors that things are not as they need to be in your world in order for you to be at your best. While the physical signs of poor sleep, weight issues, regular sickness and injury often more signs that all is not well with self.

The first step in rediscovering your authentic self is to consider at which point in your life you lost it. Was it when you married or had children; did you never truly embrace who you were after coming from an intense family or was it simply because you lost your way after entering your adult life with little path or direction, or without the confidence to aggressively pursue what it was you knew would make you happy?

One of the key characteristics of authentic people is that they always put their own needs before those of others. Not in a selfish uncaring way, but they know that without love for self, they cannot love others truly, madly, deeply.

Identifying their own core needs and practicing self care and love on a daily basis is central in the lives of authentic souls. So this week I ask you – what it is it that you know both your mind and body need to truly nurture your soul? Is it simply time to be, good food, exercise, time with your passions or time to identify them? Embracing your own authentic self is the first step in building the life that you want and ultimately the one you deserve.