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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Conflict of interest?

Earlier this week I received an email questioning my product recommendations and the potential for "conflicts of interest' as I do consult to some industry groups.

In the past I have consulted to a number of industry groups including Meat and Livestock Australia and Fonterra on products and nutrition themes which I believe, based on my independent clinical experience from over 10 years of working in the area of paediatric nutrition and weight loss, that offer superior nutritional properties for consumers.

At present, I am regularly approached by various food industry groups to act as a spokesperson on behalf of their products or to consult on product development. In such circumstances I have very clear guidelines about which products I will and will not consult on and only ever represent products which I truly believe offer superior nutritional properties, and ones which I myself routinely recommend for my clients.

Currently I consult to Aldi supermarkets and to Unilever on the Streets Paddle Pop MOO project and I am proud to represent both groups as they develop products which offer wider consumer ranges of nutritional sound products. You can decide for yourself if that is a "conflict of interest".