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Saturday, January 24, 2009

School Lunchboxes

1. Ham and cheese wrap – made with Oat or Wholeweat Mountain bread, Munchables Cheese and Cracker Snack Pack, chopped up rockmelon or container of grapes + bottle of frozen water.

2. 4 wholegrain crackers (either Paradise Vives, Vita Weat 9 grains) with 2 slices of a reduced fat cheese, popper of Aktavite milk + 2 Paradise Light Cookies or 2 homemade mini muffins + 1 nectarine.

3. Wholegrain bread roll with chicken and avocado, 3 large strawberries, frozen Smackers OR Gogurt tube + Mainland Light Cheese and Cracker Snack Pack

4. Pita pocket filled with tuna and mayonnaise, frozen grapes, Carman’s Breakfast Bar and Stringa Cheese stick

5. 1 slice Wholemeal Lebanese bread with Vegemite OR Light cream cheese, Big M popper, Crunchola breakfast bar and Goulburn Valley Fruit tub

6. Ham and Cheese wrap, Frozen grapes, Aktavite Milk, Packet of Vita Weat Grain Snacks

7. Baker’s Delight Low GI Turkey and Light Cheese cheese sandwich, Banana, 100g tub Ski D’Lite yoghurt – frozen OR Streets Paddle Pop MOO (canteen) Uncle Toby’s Low GI Muesli Bar

8. 6 Vita Weats + Vegemite, 2 small peaches, Bega Cheese Stringa, Tasti Rice Bubble Bar

9. Egg, lettuce and mayo wrap, Apple, Munchables Light Cheese and Cracker Snack Pack, Hip Hop Bar

10. Small whole meal roll with cheese and vegemite, Packet of Mini sultanas, Big M popper, Packet of popcorn

11. John West Tuna To Go, Cut up melon, Tub of Vaalia Yoghurt, Packet of Vege chips

12. Chicken sandwich on grain bread, Tub of Goulburn Valley Fruit, KRAFT Dairybites Cheesy Pops, 2 homemade mini muffins

13. 4 corn thins + spread, Cut up carrots/celery, Mini Babybel Light, Pitos Premium Pita Chips

14. Pita Pocket, 10 dried apricots, Munch Bunch Yoghurt Tub, Tasti Milkies Bar