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Monday, March 23, 2009

Thoughts on sugar......

YES! I 100% believe that eating sugar makes you crave it more. I am walking, talking, living proof of that theory. As you know, before I went to Golden Door for the first time in 2007 I was completely addicted to sugar. I would have at least one cake a day, sometimes two plus at least one chocolate bar. I couldn't get enough sweet things. I would have an apple juice with my lunch and then as soon as I'd eaten lunch I would be craving a chocolate or cake. As soon as I'd finished eating my mountain of pasta for dinner everynight I would be craving a chocolate. Then I went to Golden Door and didn't eat any sugar for 7 days. I came home, read a book called "stop the sugar cravings" or something like that and since then I have pretty much stopped eating lots of sugar. I'm constantly amazed now when I finish lunch or dinner that I have absolutely no desire whatsoever for sweet treats. I eat more protein and feel happy and full at the end of a meal. I still love a cake or chocolate now or then but only have it as a special treat about once a week. I did notice over Christmas that I started wanting more sweet treats because I'd been eating more cakes etc than usual. It was a real "aha" moment. I also think this craving thing applies to alcohol. Now I haven't been drinking since Jan I don't crave alcohol at all. I used to have a big fight with myself every Sunday night (because I used to drink on Fri and Sat) to not have a glass of wine, I would be really craving it. Now I couldn't care less if I never had another drink again!