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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Week 2: Planning is the key to dietary success

If there is a common characteristic of those people who eat well on a daily basis and control their weight, it is that they always plan their food intake.

Planners never leave their diets to chance, instead acknowledging its importance in supporting them with their health and fitness goals and prioritising it in their daily lives. For example, you will rarely see a dietitian caught without food; a nut bar or apple can always be found in the bottom of their bag which ensures that the munchies doesn't see them become a victim of cheap snacks on the go. To develop this skill for yourself each week, here are the steps you need to take:

Dietary Planning Steps to Success
1) Set aside time to shop each week.
2) Have enough ingredients for 1-2 backup meals in your cupboard at all times - "Steam fresh" veges, tuna and eggs for an omelette's are good options.
3) Each Sunday, plan your first few meals of the week.
4) Always plan your lunch the night before.
5) Pack what food you can the night before.
6) Always have a snack with you.
7) Have food rules for 4-5 days each week, before letting go a little on weekends.
8) Know the best options you can buy snacks or lunch if you have to near your work place.
9) Plan all your food and take it with you when flying and travelling for work.
10) On Mondays at lunchtime, go to a supermarket and buy your fruit and vegetables for work and home so you have them ready for the week ahead.