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Sunday, July 6, 2008

People are funny

One of the perks of working with people is being able to observe their behaviour in the name of research. Here, a trip to the gym, coffee shop, football or shopping centre all represent an amazing opportunity to see potential clients in all their glory; emotions, instinct and human nature completely raw and on display. Here are my most recent observations.....

Take a simple run in the morning - why is it that women NEVER stop to let another female runner cross the road while men ALWAYS do?

Why do people go to the gym instead of getting off the train a stop earlier?

Why do people in Melbourne stop to let you cross the road while people in Sydney would run you over rather than stop?

Why do our cars get larger as petrol costs more?

Why do the high tax paying residents of the East put up with paying Waverley council more and more hard earned car parking $

Why is everyone in such a rush to get no where really that important?

Why do people continue to get fatter depsite their being more gyms, health information and diets than ever before?

Why are Australians so obsessed with overpaid sportsmen who behave badly while medical researchers struggle to pay their mortgages?

Why do we spend more time watching others live their lives on TV rather than be living our own?

Why do we spend more and more money on stuff with credit we can't repay?

Why do blokes declare such loyalty to their mates and women such loyalty to their blokes?