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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Do you know what is in food?

Can you believe that even though we eat it everyday, few of us really know what food is made up of? How many of you know how cheese is made? Or where the different cuts of meat actually come from off the animal? Or what carbs, proteins and fats really are?

Basic nutrition needs to be drilled into us when we are kids. Forget this idea of fruits and vegetables and breads and cereals - the 5 food groups. That was the most confusing thing that health professionals ever put together. It is all about carbs, proteins and fats. They are what food is made up of and the balance of them determines if we are going to be fat or skinny - it is as simple as that.

So it is time to ditch the wood work, legal studies and society and leisure and get the carbs, proteins and fats back in the curriculum. If we understood what we were eating, we may be better at managing it.