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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time for some cooking lessons

After almost 10 years of pretending it didn't really matter, I have now got to face the harsh reality that I can no longer be a dietitian who cannot cook, and I am going to have to go and get lessons. Yes, it is true. Each and every day, I routinely tell complete strangers what they should eat and how to cook it, only to retreat home to eat eggs mixed into an omelet like mixture or a bowl of soup my mother has made for me.

This conclusion has been reached when just tonight I reached my all time low point of having to beg a celebrity chef to cut the avocado for me on the TV shoot because I was terrified I would cut my hand off doing in during the record. Pathetic I know.

So, tonight I am making a commitment to find someone who will teach me how to chop, and possibly throw a recipe together so never again will an avocado be so scary.

So if you are looking for me over the weekend it is likely I will be at Border's looking for "Cooking for Dummies" and Nigella had better watch out.