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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Susie is.....

Like many, for the past few months I have been completely obsessed with Face Book. The narcissistic streak that is rather common for all members of the Y generation has well and truly emerged in this Generation X'er, as we are all encouraged to tell the online community about our hopes, dreams and secrets and create a personally engineered pictorial life story to match - preferably one that is updated daily.

Like many, I have too spent (or wasted) many an hour searching through lists and lists of 'friends'; looking for those from my past who may have embarked on a truly remarkable life path to emerge or just in case the love of my life was actually the boyfriend I had in high school. Alas though, thus far, this has been far from the truth. Of all the past that has come flooding back in recent weeks I have to admit, there is little of it I have missed nor am keen to invite back into my present life.

Perhaps sticking with reality and the very concept of 'moving on' is the key to a satisfying present and Face Book is merely cyberspaces way of dragging us back, albeit temporarily, to delay the move into an unknown and sometimes daunting future.

When my true love told me last night that he is far too busy to talk to me on Face Book and that he will just call me if he wants to speak to me, I realised that perhaps just living life rather than searching for it in the past online is the secret he obviously already knows. Susie is now, done with Face Book and I think the phone is ringing......