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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Are you in EBB or FLOW?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes things just tend to fall into place. Work is going well, you have plenty of clients, when you head out, the person you hope is there turns up, people are paying their bills on time and life is ticking along nicely; things are in a state called FLOW.

Other times, nothing is going right. You couldn’t get a date if you paid for it, no work deals are being done and the phone is not ringing, every envelope you open is a bill and you have not been paid for months, everything you try and do becomes a hassle and life is really a chore; things are in a state called EBB.

While life can’t always be in FLOW, sometimes EBB comes when we need to make changes. Things are not flowing because we are not on the right path. We are in the wrong job, wrong relationship, looking for the wrong thing, training the wrong way.

If you think that you are in EBB, and have been there for some time it might be a sign that you need to make some changes in your life. The mid to late twenty’s are an age related period when these lags become apparent and big questions do need to be asked.

Key things to consider at this time include:

1) Where do I want to be in 12 months, 2 years and in 5 years; personally, professionally, financially?
2) And then, what do I need to change/do/alter/consult with to get to these places?

Confronting? Yes, but life is too short to be stuffing around on a path that is not in line with your authentic self, the journey you are meant to be taking and ultimately personal happiness.