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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From the footy boys

I have to be honest, in the five years I have worked with professional footballers, the boys have not taught me a whole lot; BUT the one thing they have taught me may be a pretty powerful message in itself. For those of you out there who have managed to avoid the craze of league and union, let me enlighten you.......

The life of a footballer generally revolves around three things:
1) Footy
2) Spending time with the “Boys” AND
3) Their next feed

Footballers spend an inordinate amount of time eating, planning to eat, planning where they are going to eat, planning who they are going to eat with and recovering after they have eaten too much. Come 7am, 12pm and 6pm footballers are already eating, usually at a place that is cheap, serves a lot of meat and they are enjoying themselves doing it.

Maybe if we all dedicated a little more time to planning, socializing and simply enjoying our meals we would not eat as much rubbish, and be in much better control of our weight and our health.

So go the Dragons, the Eels and the Wicks and thanks for the lesson