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Monday, July 30, 2007

Foods to rid your diet of forever

1) Meat in a can - this is not the way meat was supposed to be eaten. Generally extremely high in fat and salt. You will carry an extra few kilos after a meal that includes canned meat.
2) Rice crackers - 10 rice crackers = ~ 2 slices of bread in high GI carbohydrates and how easy is it to eat the entire packet?!
3) Cordial - Libby Lenton may recommend it but she is a swimmer after all so we cannot completely trust her nutrition knowledge
4) 2 minute noodles - up to 3 slices of bread per packet with little other nutrition
5) Roll ups - stick sugar straps that rot the teeth with no other positive nutritional properties
6) 97% fat free snack bars - 2 breads worth of highly refined sugar which leaves you hungry for more
7) Chicken nuggets - unless you make your own these little favourites are more crap and far less chicken for my liking
8) Devon - whoever defined this product as meat was clearly mistaken
9) White bread - we eat it everyday but plain white bread is high GI and low bulk. Go for wholegrain or at least sour dough if you must have it white
10) Cheese and dip packets - high fat sloppy cheese with high fat crackers = a high calorie, dodgy snack