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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What do dietitians eat?

Every day I get asked what I eat, so here it is and as you can see, I am no purist and prefer the dietary concepts of balance and pleasure!

Every morning I wake up and make myself a cup of green tea. I like the Dilmah Jasmine one. I find that it is very calming and I drink it in bed with a candle or in the bathroom while I am putting my makeup on.

Then, about 730-8am I have one of those bran type cereals like Multigrain Weetbix or All Bran Honey & Almond with low fat milk and about half a cup of orange juice, both for the soluble fibre and Vitamin C. Or sometimes I have Burgen bread and Vegemite which I love-Vegemite toast is my all time favourite thing to eat, sad I know. On the weekends it is always eggs. My sister and I often go to Jackie's on Oxford St because we think they have the best eggs in Sydney and we have had a lot of them to know.

Once I get to 10am I need my coffee and have an 80 degree skim mocha which may be accompanied with a homemade cake or cookies, especially if I am at the hospital with my friend Kerryn as we like to bake things. If I am at home I will have fruit.

Lunch is always a good piece of chicken or red salmon with feta and a massive salad. Maybe a Mountain or Burgen bread or beans. This is pretty standard. With a cup of tea to finish.

About 3 or 4 I have nuts, walnuts or almonds and maybe an apple if i am bored but i try and wait until dinner and am usually going to the gym now so don't want to eat too much.

I have to have cheese before dinner so we have a bit of Mersey Valley or Tasmanian Brie with those waferthin biscuits. Portions are meant to be controlled!

Dinner in the week is strict to compensate for the weekends. My mum makes me this rich vegetable soup which I love and have this most week nights. Most weeks I have nachos once with my friend SG-she does a very good nachos, her one and only recipe. I don't think it is low in fat. If I go to my sisters she makes me lamb or pizza or lamb cutlets, which we grew up with or last night we had Shepard's Pie- sharing dinner with people is so much more fun.

Then about 8 I have tea and chocolate, I know, a very bad habit. At the moment I am having that dark Rum and Raisin Old Gold but it changes each week. We all need treats.

The weekends are far less structured and I eat out most meals-usually fish, seafood, salads. Anywhere we can sit somewhere nice, with some wine, nibbles and good food and service. That is part the the pleasurable process.

So, as you can see, it is definitely not rabbit food and water for this dietitian but that would be boring wouldn't it?