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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Christmas rules

It may seem a little early but the reality is that many of us will start the Christmas party season very soon, and hence we need to be on top of things if we are going to prevent weight gain over the next 5-6 weeks. So, here are the rules, guaranteed to keep your weight under control if you want it to be.

1) No mince pies until Christmas Eve. With more than 250 calories and at least 10g of fat per pie, these Christmas treats need to be consumed sparingly.

2) Under no circumstances are you to skip training – in fact, if you can afford to you should be doing extras to compensate for the extra calories you will be consuming.

3) Eat light if you are going out – this means soup or salad for the other meal of the day.

4) Always eat a snack before you go – a Body for Women protein shake or bar, nut bar + 1 vegetable will ensure you do not arrive at any function starving.

5) The 5 canapĂ© rule – 5 canapĂ©s equates to a meal worth of calories so make sure you are counting.

6) An alcohol limit – it may be just on weekends or for the very special Christmas parties but create your own rule and stick to it.

7) Christmas foods at Christmas only – this means all the extra chocolates, nuts and other Christmas foods be kept until…..Christmas.

8) Quality over quantity – commit to enjoying it if it is very good quality but don’t waste calories on poor quality party snacks, chocolates and lollies.

9) The extra walk – for any big parties, commit to an extra walk the next day to compensate.

10) the 2 vegetable rule – this is not just a Christmas rule but munching on 2 vegetables a day will help to keep you full so you are less likely to overindulge in rubbish.