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Monday, November 28, 2011

Alcohol management

It is likely that you have already noticed an increase in your alcohol intake as we head towards the warmer months and whether this is a few extra beers over the weekend, or a couple of cocktails as you catch up with friends at the end of the day it does mean more calories, and ultimately more calories = weight gain. So here is how you manage your alcohol intake over the party season and prevent unwanted weight gain in the process.

1) Be firm and do not look as Christmas as an excuse to drink too much. Remember that 1 alcoholic drink = 1 slice of bread in calories so count your drinks and know your limits.

2) Know that spirits served in a tall glass, with lots of ice and a low calorie mixer such as soda or diet soft drinks are your lowest calorie option with 80 calories per glass. This is compared with a large glass of wine or beer which contain between 120-140 calories.

3) Eat something an hour before you head out and drink 500mls of water as you will drink far less if you are not hungry and hydrated.

4) Differentiate special parties from everyday drinks and catch ups after work and indulge for special occasions but be strict with day to day catch ups.

5) Remember that for every “big” night you are looking at 2hr the gym to burn the calories off and do extras where you can to compensate.