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Monday, March 21, 2011

What those Easter treats mean calorie wise?

Some harsh Easter reality - Each week I cringe as I move through the supermarket and see an enormous supply of Easter eggs and chocolate flavoured Easter buns. Remember, supermarket sales gurus know that if you can see the food, you will buy it, and hence the reason Easter eggs have been available before the Christmas tinsel was taken down. So, if you do not want to gain weight this Easter, remember the rules – no buns until Good Friday and no eggs until Easter!

Eggs Selection kJ Fat
Cadbury Easter Bunny 3740kJ 50g fat
2 Caramello Eggs 500kJ 6g fat
1 Cadbury Crème Egg 718kJ 6g fat
Lindt Gold Bunny 2270J 33g fat
3 mini eggs 560kJ 7.5g fat
Small hot cross bun (no butter) 600kJ 2 g fat
Large hot cross bun with butter 1200kJ 10g fat
Choc chip hot cross bun 1100kJ 9g fat