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Friday, March 18, 2011

The most common reasons clients do not lose weight

Each and every week I see between 20-30 clients for weight loss at my practice in Sydney. Seeing clients is actually what I enjoy doing most, simply as every appointment teaches me another trick I can use to help my clients reach their goal weight. Inevitably, it also means identifying issues that are also preventing weight loss but in more cases than not the common dietary issues I see that are impeding weight loss are very common. So, here are the most common ones I see and my advice on how to get things moving again.

1) Eating breakfast too late
Yes, it is calories in versus calories out but there is also no doubt that the earlier you eat breakfast, the better it is for your metabolic rate. Ideally aim to eat your breakfast before 8am and don’t forget the importance of getting a good mix of both carbs and protein.

2) Not enough salad at lunchtime
Ideally we need at least 1-2 cups of salad or vegetables at lunchtime to get the bulk and fibre we need to keep us full throughout the afternoon. For most of us, this means we need to increase this component of us lunch, even if it means taking an extra carrot or cucumber with you to munch on through the afternoon.

3) Dinner too late
The later you have your dinner, the smaller it needs to be. If you regularly find yourself eating after 8pm at night, try having a more substantial lunch and afternoon tea and aim for just 1 small bowl of vegetables and one of meat and carbs at night.

4) Overdoing it at restaurants and parties
Eating out is a common part of busy life and for many of us is no longer an occasional treat. For this reason we still have to be careful. Make sure you eat a filling protein rich snack such as a shake, cheese and crackers or vege sticks with hommus an hour before you go out so you do not get overly hungry and overeat high fat, high calorie restaurant or party food.