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Monday, July 19, 2010

Character Traits - what type of person do you want to be?

Each and every day we are presented with personal situations which serve to challenge and as a result help us grow as individuals. Many of these scenarios involve others; work colleagues, friends, relatives, lovers, husbands, clients – people who directly or indirectly influence our emotional state whether we like it or not.

The insensitive ex-lover who flaunts his new partner, the selfish colleague who thinks only of their own desires, the friend of many years who rarely asks how you really are, or more importantly never waits for your answer. Seemingly small but significant hurts and disappointments that build over time and which can leave you un-trusting, unsure and in many ways a victim of others.

Reflections on these interactions can offer little self-comfort – in fact, dwelling, hating, resenting the people who have deeply hurt and disappointed you in a way no words can adequately describe only leaves the already suffering more distressed. Meanwhile, the ignorant dealer of pain and suffering walks free inflicting their less than ideal human behaviour on others.

In such instances of deep sadness it may be useful to consider that the only real reprieve from such pain is to concentrate on developing the very character traits you wish that these visitors to your world possessed. The strong and respected personal characteristics coveted by many but rarely embraced in life.

Honesty, integrity, loyalty, dignity, courage, humility along with a deep belief that your own strength of self will help you survive any personal pain graciously as long as you embody these qualities each and every day. It is then you can say goodbye to each day knowing you have done your very best, and have remained true to self without knowingly causing pain to others.

Honesty = fairness and straightforwardness of conduct
Integrity = the condition of being whole
Loyalty = faithfulness or devotion to a person
Dignity = sense of self respect
Courage = ability to confront fear or pain
Humility = the quality of being modest