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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Are you living consciously?

Living in a country in which things come relatively easily compared to more poverty driven communities’ poses us with an interesting situation. On one hand in general we live a pretty lovely life with enough food, shelter and clothes to live comfortably, if not very well.

The down side of this is that we tend to take things for granted. In our search for more money, bigger houses, better jobs, better suburbs we easily forget about the small but meaningful acts of day to day life. Saying good morning to the neighbours; taking our secretary a coffee or thanking her for her special effort, letting someone in when driving or letting a runner cross the road in front of us - appreciating the small things that indeed make us human and a deeper appreciation of the fact that we are very blessed here in Australia.

So next time you find yourself winging that you need more money, a bigger house, a better relationship – it may be time to take stock, pay more attention to the way you treat the people you interact with on a daily basis and be grateful for what you do have.