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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The big food masquerade

For me, honesty is one of the most important character traits one can have and hence when food companies market certain varieties of food as healthy options, when there is much evidence to suggest otherwise, it frustrates me immensely. Here are the top food masqueraders, quite a few of which are regularly marketed as “healthy options”.
1)Arnott’s Shapes – no biscuit made using palm oil is ever going to be healthy
2)Kellogg Nutra Grain – breakfast cereal should contain fibre, not iron or protein; we get those nutrients from meat
3)Dried fruit – doubles the sugar of regular fruit
4)Cordial – still just sugar and water
5)Fruche – not a true yoghurt
6)Frozen yoghurt - more sugar and less protein than regular yoghurt
7)Rice crackers – at least choose wholegrain if you must have them
8)All Natural Confectionery – lollies are lollies
9)Chicken nuggets – anything crumbed and fried is never going to be good for you or your kids
10)Cadbury Brunch Bars – just another muesli bar even thought they look healthy