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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Have You Learnt This Year?

The majority (not all) of new music seems a bit to same-same, and been done before.
You need to get everything right for a healthier life:- sleep, mind (stress or lack of), diet and exercise. Excel in one area but drop the ball in another results in minimal gains.
Tip your hairdresser (for guys), as they are paid paltry $, and you will get more attention and better service next time around.
Do I need it or want it?
Never too old to start surfing
Czech beer is very good
ABC and SBS are so much better than the 3 commercial stations.
tabata (interval) training using compound (cross-fit type) exercises provides extreme fat loss and strength
Sydney traffic is getting progressively worse each year


To always trust your gut instinct
Never complain about food in a pub
Expectations of good service in Sydney are wasted
The Y generation come from a completely different planet
Sometimes you need carbs at night to get the metabolism going
Adding walnuts to your diet to lower cholesterol really does work
A couple of parking tickets each year is really not that bad when you live in the city
There is a big difference between men and boys


No matter how much you plan, research something, deliberate, reason
about something - things sometimes just do not go to plan!

I find it hard to tolerate boredom. Not sure what the answer is to that
one - it's definitely not - eat more!

Sydney is a great city - you just need to know where to go!

Fried chilli cuttlefish is delicious!

Never drink on an empty stomach.

There is nothing wrong with not being warm and nice all the time.


1. It isn't the number of friends, but the quality of the friendships
2. You need to let yourself be taken care of once in a while
3. Nothing beats a lovely day out with friends, drinking, eating and laughing
4. You can have a life of meaning and a life of happiness, it doesn't have to be a choice between the two
5. People can tell you nice things, but when nice things are told to you by the people that matter, those words mean more than anything in the world.


You only crave sugar when you are eating it regularly
Mini breaks are the difference between getting through the year happily or not
Sometimes you have to be brutel when it comes to friendships


People are offended by some jokes.

Life gets taken too seriously.

It's ok to be an idiot!

I am dying everyday and that's ok. Eye sights getting worse, loosing
brain cells as we speak/write. And you just can't prevent it!


Leaving the children to go away is something every parent should do
Motherhood is over rated
Two alcohol free days each week is unreasonable


Four wheel drives are too big for the city
Most women do not know how to drive 4WD's
Teenagers can never be trusted, ever
Every person that comes into your life is there to teach you a lesson