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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stop asking me to upsize!

Last week I was asked on three different occasions if I would like to increase the size or number of foods I was purchasing. The first occasion was at the local coffee shop when my tall sized coffee almost come a 500ml Grande, the second, an offer of two large chocolate bars for one at the Shell petrol station when I was getting my fuel with the discount voucher to save a few dollars and the third, a cake with a tea at a chain style café. It is hard enough to and maintain your eating program and weight, let alone do it when cheap, high energy, high fat foods are constantly being offered to you. The statistics on overweight and obesity in Australia are well known, the reality television shows focusing on weight loss are booming in the ratings and yet powerful food and retail chains continue to ask consumers to upsize.

It is time to ask them to stop the upsizing pressure once and for all, are they not making enough money from us already?