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Monday, February 11, 2008

Decent airport food - please?

I dislike plane travel immensely. As if it is not bad enough having to sit in extremely close proximity of hundreds of people you don’t know there is also the really bad food that starts even before you hop on the jumbo. In Melbourne for work over the weekend, I found myself at Tullamarine airport with an hour to kill and with hunger pains needing attention. As it is unlikely that the standard Qantas feed would be anything worth waiting for I took myself off to the food court in search of something filling and a little healthy. My options were palm oil using Hungry Jacks, who, as you can imagine were ding a roaring trade on a Sunday night, pizza or the standard airport catering with sandwiches that look like they were made last Sunday. Oh, and of course Krispy Cream donuts.

You have got to be kidding. Hundreds of people move through our airports each day and this is the best we can do. Where are the fresh sandwiches and salads, the yoghurts and fruits in the book shop or at least a healthy fast food option?

Given the tolls and parking fees we pay at the airport we deserve much better and don't even get me started on the appalling options in the International terminal. There really is no excuse for the airport offering such poor options. The consumer deserves to have the opportunity to eat well when the food supply options are outside their control.