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Friday, November 9, 2007

We all need a little self help

Many of you may wonder why one earth a dietitian would be giving advice on “self development” books but my background is actually in psychology- You may also be surprised when I tell you that during nutrition counseling sessions you tend to spend a significant amount of time discussing the huge number of pressures and issues in people lives, that may be directly or indirectly affecting their food intake and hence my interest in personal functioning in general. So, here is update on some classics and personal favourites from a range of life areas in the bookstore which I hope you find as helpful as I have.

You Don’t Have to be Born Brilliant, John McGrath – a must read for all wanting the very best from their day to day life
You Inc, John McGrath – a must read for all self employed people who look at those who are successful and ask why - this is the book that tells you
The 4 Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz - a classic which looks at some basic principles that ensure you maintain calm and balance in your life, no matter what negative interactions may cross your path
Something More & Moving On, Sarah Ban Breathnach- a classic read for mid to middle aged women going through any sort of career or relationship changes
It’s Not About the Bike, Lance Armstrong – the classic portrayal of human courage
Don’t Die With the Music Still In You, Wayne Bennett – a description of human potential from the humble mentor of many
French Women Don’t Get Fat, Mireille Guiliano – food and eating as it should be, not as we make it
Choosing Happiness, Stephanie Dowrick – Clearly shows how it is our decision to be happy or not
Inspiration, Dr Wayne Dyer – Why life is not about trivial pursuits but magnificent obsessions
Enchanted Love: The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships – a must for any female who has ever questioned the nature of her relationship
Crucial Conversations, Kerry Patterson - teaches you to have the conversations that you know you need to have but have thus far been unable to at work or at home
Really Relating, David Jansen; Margaret Newman & Claire Carmichael - the relationship classic for any couple who feel as if they are living separate lives
Playing with Fire, Gordon Ramsay - a fantastic insight into how childhood experience can drive an individuals behaviour in work and in life
The Rules, Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider - if you are a single female you need to have read this book.
Princess Bitchface, Michael Carr-Gregg - a must read for any mother of a teenage girl
Are you the one for me?, Barbara De Angelis - another classic for anyone who makes the same mistake in relationships, time after time
Dealing with the Self Absorbed, Nina Brown- a great read for anyone who works with ego driven individualsFeeling Good by David Burns: if you are prone to low mood and depression this book is a great introduction to cognitive behavioural therapy