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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tips for preventing Christmas weight gain

  • Never go to a Christmas party starving, always have a light, protein rich snack such as a nut bar or peanut butter corn thins before you go to avoiding overindulging on the pastries
  • Limit high fat treats including mince pies to the Christmas week itself
  • Swap beer, wine and champagne to spirits with low cal mixers
  • Swap dinner for a light soup or salad when you have eaten out
  • Look for protein rich options such as prawn and chicken skewers and sushi on food platters
  • Bulk your plate up with salad to make sure you get the bulk factor of your meal
  • Talk to your boss now about featuring nutritious options as opposed to the cheap and nasty pies, sausage rolls and vol au vent’s
  • Differentiate special occasions from cheap drinks and nibblers with random work acquaintances
  • Avoid cheap wine and champagne altogether - they give a nasty hangover
  • Try not to keep chip, nuts and lollies in easy to nibble places
  • Choose only good quality pastries, chocolates and sweets
  • Avoid doing your big Christmas shop until Christmas is much closer
  • Remember your low calories drink options
  • Swap crackers and rice snacks to wafer thins and vegetable sticks
  • Make dips using low fat sour cream and yoghurt
  • Remember that Christmas is really just one day, not 4 + weeks
  • Go for an extra run when you have over indulgedMaintain your routine exercise and add in some extra walking to compensate for the extra calories