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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The secret to getting and keeping motivation

If I knew the secret to getting every single individual motivated I would be in a very powerful position indeed, but unfortunately, as is the case with many human attributes, motivation is a complex and changeable state. For many, motivation, particularly when it comes to health and fitness routines is innate; we learnt to eat and behave in a certain way when were small and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives. For others, a health scare or realisation that you are 20kg heavier than you should be gives us the kick we need to change our daily habits and turn our lives around. Then there are those individuals who just seem to never get it and keep at it; they try one health and fitness craze after the other, never cementing a pattern of living that give their bodies and lives at better chance. As we edge closer to the warmer months and before all things weight loss become popular again perhaps it is worth trying to locate some of your own motivation. Some questions to ask yourself during this time as you try to find it include:

·         What are the benefits of keeping my body fit and healthy?

·         How would my life be better if I felt better about my body?

·         Am I the kind of healthy role model I would like to be for my children?

·         Can I physically do all the things I would like to with my body?

·         What am I really putting into my body each day?

·         If I was fit, healthy and happy what would I be eating and what training would I be doing each day?

·         If I knew I could keep my body disease free by eating well and moving, would I be more inclined to move more and eat less?

·         Who are the people in my life who would support me living like this?

·         What changes can I make to my lifestyle today that will help move me closer to my goal of living well and feeling healthy?

Remember, motivation starts with a single positive thought and is maintained with every small, single step you take in the right direction.