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Monday, April 11, 2011

Are you consuming too much hidden sugar?

Are you eating hidden sugars?
Just a regular Saturday morning clinic marking client’s food diaries and pointing out where they are eating hidden (or, not so hidden) calories. Without a doubt the most common dietary pattern I see is the tendency to add energy dense sugars into the daily eating plan without even realizing it. Here are the most common offenders and the calories they offer each and every time we indulge in them.
Food Total Sugar Content Teaspoons of sugar
Hot chocolate 26.8g 5
Vanilla Latte 37.3g 7.5
Small fruit juice 20g 4
Lemon lime bitters 33.3g 6
2 teaspoons Jam 10g 2
1 tablespoon Milo 12.9g 2 ½
Frozen Chinese dinner 20g 4
Ice block 13.6g 2 ½
5 All Natural Confectionery 21.6g 4
Fruit muesli 15g 3