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Monday, February 28, 2011

Can you believe how many foods have MSG added?

In the 1980”s and 90’s “No Added MSG” became a common claim on many different food products after the flavour enhancer was linked to a number of side effects including increased heart rate, skin rashes and hyperactivity. Even I was surprised last week after checking a few labels of popular snack foods and sauces to find that many of them are once again using various flavour enhancers. While it may be “safe” for many of us to consume these additives, a broader nutritional issue is that the more of these rich flavours we consume, the more we tend to want which may be the very reason that many of us can polish off an entire packet of richly flavoured potato chips or cheese snacks. From this perspective, the less we have of these “flavour enhancers”, the better.

Food Additives What is it?
Red Rock Deli Chips HoneySoy 621, 627, 631 MSG, Disodium guanylate
Fantastic Noodles 627, 631 Disodium inosinate
Fantastic Delites Crackers 621, 635 MSG, Disodium ribonucleotides
Twisties, Burger Rings 621 MSG
Indo Mie Noodles 621, 631, 627 MSG
Fantastic Rice Crackers 627, 631 Disodium inosinate
Maggi Super Noodles 621 MSG
Maggi 2 Minutes Noodles 621, 635 MSG