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Sunday, June 7, 2009

When things are quiet......

Every Dec/Jan, SG (my coaching psych guru buddy) and I head for a Summer holiday to drink lots of French champagne and plan out our goals for the year ahead. We love this holiday; the thought of a new year full of unlimited possibilities doesn't get much better for two highly driven, self employed, over stimulated scientists. Each year we return with a crisp new journal full of ideas, dreams and goals, completely inspired and raring to go.

Unfortunately 2009 has been less than satisfying; a slower than normal business year, laughable liaisons with disappointing men, ever increasing PAGY tax installments and business expenses, frustrating work experiences and not much on the horizon has left a pretty empty hole where my energy and inspiration is usually sitting.

So, what do you do? You can say fu*k you all and move to Queensland where there are no tolls, parking costs and a general vibe of, 'none of it really matters anyway so have another beer at the beach' - or you can take the time to turn inward and focus on what personal changes you would like to make to try and turn the need for external stimulation and gratification into something personally meaningful so you feel satisfied no matter what life, love and work throws at you.

So, I am trying and trust me, it is not easy for my ever frantic mind to take some time off. Last week I went to a farm and even had a good time with the animals, F6 and night filled with roasts, wine and a film festival and this weekend I have managed to refrain from any form of solicited social or work liaisons in an attempt to just be.

Periods of ebb after frantic flow can be challenging to deal with but are ultimately inevitable in the cycle of life and like everything how we deal with them is ultimately what will predict our individual sense of well being and happiness. And if all else fails, can I suggest you take advantage of the Jetstar savings on airfares and head to Hawaii for a couple of weeks like I am planning to because apparently a good dose of Vitamin D is also pretty good for mood.