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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Book Update

I hope that you enjoy some of these titles as much as I did!

Recent reads

1) Positivity by Barbara Fredrickson - the most recent research findings in the field of Positive Psychology

2) The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama - an amazingly well written piece by the inspirational leader

3) Act like a lady, think like a man by Steve Harvey - a funny view of the workings of the male mind

4) The Seven Principles for making marriage work by Dr John Gottman - this man can predict marriage success 91% of the time; a must read for anyone contemplating the commitment of marriage

5) How to Love by Gordon Livingston - my favourite; a beautifully written observation of the best characteristics to look for in friendship, love and in the partners we choose

6) Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra - for all the health nuts - a must read outlining the power of the body and mind in self healing

7) Never Say Die by Dr Chris O'Brien - a specialist doctors experience battling terminal cancer and what he has learnt in the process

8) Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell - a fascinating piece that explains success in life is not determined by luck but opportunity, chance and your birthday!