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Sunday, April 6, 2008

The rules of fat loss

Whenever reality TV shows like the “The Biggest Loser” start, a seeming abundance of gyms, personal trainers, diets and weight loss specialists emerge as we all try to lose the 2-3 (or 10-20kgs for some!) that has been “weighing” us down.

While the sensationalist nature of these types of reality TV shows can be sickening at times, one good thing about “The Biggest Loser” is that it shows plainly and simply, there is no secret to fat loss. Pills, potions, special diets, guru healers just do not exist. If you are truly serious about losing body fat, and losing it for good, you need to exercise hard and often and you need to eat very well, the vast majority of the time.

The Biggest Losers lose weight quickly as:
1) The have a lot of fat to lose.
2) They are carrying a lot of fluid which is reduced rapidly on a low carb diet.
3) They train for many hours each day.
4) They eat very few calories for weeks at a time which lets them lose weight quickly.

Once you have finally accepted these nasty truths, here are the top ten tips to sustainable fat loss which you can begin right now:

1) Never skip breakfast. The body burns more fuel in the first half of the day so breakie is vital.
2) Aim for 3 cups of vegetables or salad every single day.
3) Get rid of as much soft drink, cordial and fruit juice from your diet as you can.
4) Aim for just 2 slices of grain based bread each day.
5) Always eat protein rich (lean meat, dairy, nuts) and low glycaemic index carbohydrates together (grain bread, wholegrain crackers, pasta) for optimal satiety.
6) Always choose low fat milk, yoghurt and reduced fat cheese.
7) Do not graze. Stick to your regular meals and mid meals with nothing in between.
8) Stick to meat and vegies for dinner.
9) Add a quick 40 minute walk before breakfast to your 5-6 of your days.
10) Give yourself one day a week off.

And that is the secret to fat loss…